Robert Morrison was an alumnus of Oberlin College and The Harvard Business School, a charter member of the Plastics Hall of Fame, the author of several books on manufacturing, economics and entrepreneurship, and the founder of a number of business enterprises, including the Molded Fiber Glass Companies. He had a long personal history of civic leadership and innovation and also a commitment to the promotion and improvement of Ashtabula. He believed that his greatest contribution was in creating jobs for thousands of families in the Ashtabula area and elsewhere.
Mr. Morrison was primary mover for the construction of the Ashtabula County Airport. He knew that the airport would be of extreme value to the economy and economic development of Ashtabula County. Subsequent to that, his personal effort on behalf of the airport, was of prime importance to him. He made significant financial contributions to its operations, both personally and through the Robert S. Morrison Foundation.
A second area of importance to Robert Morrison was the care and protection of homeless animals. To this end, he had built and then donated a building and shelter for the Animal Protective League. He also made made substantial financial contributions to the APL.