Vision Statement

The Vision of the Robert S. Morrison Foundation is primarily "to improve the lives of people in the Ashtabula area" (Robert S. Morrison, quote, Robert S. Morrison Foundation minutes: September 18, 1995). Its contributions, reflecting the values of its founder, should strive to be productive and relate to community betterment including education, transportation, animal welfare, recreation and health. Mr. Morrison believed that contributions to enduring and community-based institutions have permanence and the effect of encouraging production within their environs. The Foundation's contributions should also be an example to encourage others to help in a good cause. This reflects the philosophy of Robert Morrison, businessman, entrepreneur, industrialist and visionary.
Mr. Morrison provided for an efficient, small group of trustees who represent a variety of professions and business interests in the Ashtabula community. It was his wish and the resolve of the trustees to maintain the foundation as an independently functioning entity.
Much of the criteria used in giving to worthy causes include the values of the foundation's founder. Vision, humanism, creativity in business efforts, generosity, and caring for people in his community constitute some of the founder's basic value structure.
The focus of the Robert S. Morrison Foundation is to promote the goals of
it's founder. Often, the trustees consider, "What would Mr. Morrison want?"
as that consideration is thought to be a wise guide.